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When you watch an Instagram Story, the user who posted it will always be notified of who watched their content. This is fine for most of the time… but sometimes you might want to watch someone else’s Instagram Stories without letting them know. Thats where comes into play! We’re a 100% free and private Instagram Story Viewer & Downloader that let's you discreetly and anonymously see Instagram Stories, images, videos, and more from anyone you are interested in. Now you can stay up on all the latest information and posts without letting everyone on Instagram know that you have been snooping!


Instagram Stories are a feature within the Instagram app that allows users to share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. They appear at the top of the Instagram feed and provide a way to share moments and updates in a more temporary and engaging format.

No, there's no account needed to use our service. You can watch Instagram stories anonymously and download them without having an Instagram profile.

Yes, our Insta stories viewer is completely free to use. You can view as many stories as you want from public accounts at no cost!

Sorry, but our service can only access stories from public accounts. We strongly advise against trying to view stories from private accounts without their permission.

The downloaded Instagram stories are saved directly to your device. We don't retain or store Instagram user data from the downloaded stories.

Yes, along with Instagram stories, our Instagram viewer also allows you to view Instagram highlights from any public profile. Just enter the username into the search bar on the main page.

Yes, our service is compatible with all modern browsers. Easily view Instagram story anonymously of any profile, and download videos and stories from any device.

We prioritize your privacy. Our system doesn't link your activity to your own Instagram profile or any other social network account. The Instagram API we use doesn't collect Instagram user data, providing completely anonymous viewing.

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